MgA. Marek Kolář

Born in 1982 in Prague, where he also live and work.
Multimedia artist with specialisation in classic painting.
His newest painting creations are combining the modens themes with an traditional aproch to painting.
Visual language used in many diferent creative techniques, crystalized to it own personal and original style.
He studied in Studio of classical painting with Prof. Zdeněk Beran.
And Graduated with a masters degree in 2014 with Prof. Martin Mainer.
His Creative Pallete is wide and contain also traditional Drawing or many more combinations with multimedia, animation, digital picture of Virtual Reality.

His works are pressent in many personal collections in czech and abroad.
Simultaniously lectured numerous art subjects. As a Lecturer Co-operated with many front teaching creative studios in Prague, instructing mainly about painting, figural drawing, computer graphics and animation. also play drums and guitar. :)

Specializations: painting, drawing, 3D visualization, illustration, graphic design, animation


2009 - 2014 - Academy of Fine Arts in Prague - Classical painting

Single exhibitions:

2017 - Zrcadlo (Mirror) - Vnitroblock Prague.
2016 - Fine art meets fine dinnig - SaSaZu Prague.
2011 - Mezy dvěma světy (in between two worlds), Obecní dům Opava, Bezručova Opava
2006 - obrazy nejen z cest (pictures not only from travels), Prague

Group exhibitions:

2019 - Současná česká realistická a figurativní Malba, DEA ORH, Prague.
2018 - Malby, grafiky, plastiky - Gallery Vokno, Osvračín.
2018 - Artprague 2018 - Calm-Gallas palace Prague.
2018 - Candyshop - Quadrium Prague.
2017 - Vášeň - The Chemistry Gallery, Prague.
2017 - Futureport - Holešovice Market, Prague.
2017 - HYP! HYP! Realita? - Gallery Mona Lisa, Olomouc.
2015 - Reflektor - The Chemistry Gallery, Prague.
2014 - Diplomanti Avu 2014 - Trade Fair Palace, Prague.
2012 - Students and Graduates from Prague Academy of Arts, Studio of classical painting of prof. Zdeňek Beran , Muzeum středního Pootaví Strakonice
2010 - Svatováclavské kejklování V Mladoticích u Ronova nad Doubravou.
2010 - Figurama 10 - Dom umenia, Banská Bystrica
2010 - Figurama 10 - Centro cultural, Valence
2010 - Figurama 10 - Avalon Business Centre, Plzeň
2010 - Figurama 10 - Emil Filla Gallery, building of SCHIFR-AC, s.r.o., Ústí nad Labem
2008 - POD ČAROU 2008 - HALA C. Prague
2007 - POD ČAROU 2007 - Trafačka, Prague

© copyright Marek Kolář
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